The Courthouse Square

Not long after the first settlers arrived, the Courthouse Square quickly became the center of town life in Brownsville.  They visited the stores and businesses that sprang up on foot, by horseback or in wagons pulled by mules.  By the mid to late 20th century, the automobile was the preferred vehicle of choice.  Most of the brick buildings on the square date back to the 1870s. Over the decades, businesses came and went within their walls.  Some of those businesses included the First National Bank (later the First State Bank), Glass Drug Company, the Pythian Hotel, the Ben Franklin Store, Malone and Wilder Dry Goods Store, the first self-service grocery, Piggly Wiggly, the Bell Telephone Company and more.  Today, new occupants have restored some of the architectural significance of the square.

Silver Linings Cafe
Haywood County Courthouse
Memphis & Ohio Railroad Depot
Carnegie Library
The Mindfield