Sturdivant-Reid-Watts-Reid House
410 N. Washington Ave.

Brunswick stew has been a staple in many American homes for more than 200 years.  In North America, the origins of the meal are traced to colonial Virginia and Brunswick County.  They made their way to Tennessee, however, with the arrival of Edward Sturdivant, a native of Brunswick County, to the Tabernacle community just northeast of Brownsville in1849.  With him was the recipe for Brunswick stew passed down through his wife’s family. He not only introduced the stew at local revivals but he built a factory on Wilson Street just north of Margin in Brownsville.

In 1918, his son Franklin commercialized the product when he opened the Sturdivant Packing Company.  He also built this Craftsman bungalow around 1919 after the first house they constructed on the property burned.  The home passed to Sturdivant’s daughter, Mildred Reid, and then to her daughter, Mildred Russell.  Allen and Kathy Watts bought the house in 1990 and renovated the interior.  As for Brunswick Stew.  The family sold the recipe in 1940 to Kelly Foods in Jackson.

North Washington Residential Historic District