Hutchinson House
124 N. Church Ave.

Believe in ghosts?  The Hutchison House certainly has its share of stories.  This vernacular Greek revival and Italianate house was originally built in 1868 for Joshua K. Hutchison and his wife, Isabella, with an inheritance given to Isabella by her father.  Before the Civil War, Hutchinson was a young cotton clerk in Brownsville.  When the conflict broke out he entered the Confederate Army as a private with the Sixth Tennessee Infantry.  During the war he rose to the rank of captain.  Hutchinson returned to Brownsville in 1865 where he married Isabella, daughter of a wealthy cotton plantation owner, W. B. Seymour.  He became a major asset to his father-in-law’s business.

The Hutchison residence at the time it was constructed had a twin that stood next door, the Howell House, a matching home built by Hutchison’s Civil War comrade, A. G. Howell.  The Howell House was razed in the 1970s to make way for the First United Methodist Church.  Legend has it that numerous unexplained events have happened in the last decade associated with ghosts, including a lady in black sighting.  Whether this phenomenon was exacerbated by the loss of the Howell House, no one will ever know.  The residence is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

North Washington Residential Historic District