The Dunbar-Carver Residential Historic District is located southeast of the downtown commercial area in Brownsville.  Within this boundary is the site of the former Dunbar School and Carver High School. The history of the Dunbar-Carver High School extends from 1866 through 1970 and is a significant property in the history of African American education in Haywood County. Adjacent to the Dunbar-Carver School site, are several residences that were home to notable professors and principals at the Haywood County Training School or Carver High School.  Residents within the neighborhood also included commercial business owners and ministers.

A majority of dwellings in the neighborhood were built between 1910 and 1964. These properties are recognized for their architectural styles as well as their original owners. Notable styles within the district include Queen Anne, Folk Vernacular, Craftsman, Minimal Traditional and Ranch. While a number of the dwellings have been altered over the years the majority retain sufficient integrity representative of the early 20th century African American heritage of this section of Brownsville. The district is the largest and most significant collection of dwellings associated with the African American community in Brownsville.  

Reverend Clay Evans
Dr. Currie Porter Boyd
Charles Allen Rawls
Elbert Williams